Donating Used Cars For A Cause

Modern technology has produced a surplus of goods which we find difficult to dispose of. While many of us are sensibly reaping the fruits of our contemporary development and affluence, it is not a bad idea to share some of our blessings to financially disadvantaged people.

What to donate?

There are hundreds of things to donate, as there are various ways to do it. As more and more people suffer from financial burden, increasing numbers of people are incapacitated to reach out to different places and are an impediment from the many opportunities waiting for them in the outside world.

Cars are considered to be one of our primary needs in this modern time. While more than 80% of most American adults own cars or at least renting their own cars, there are still some who cannot finance the purchase of their own automobiles.

This can isolate individuals and discriminate against them due to their financial situation. This is such a sad fact, yet, the good news is that you can do something to stop it or at least, be part of the cause in solving this part of this global dilemma.


Just exactly how many individuals are getting into this humanitarian cause? From 1992 to present alone, institutions catering for car donations services have estimated to receive more than 35,000 cars a month within that period.

If you are planning to buy a new car and replace an existing one and have not come up with an idea where to put it, either selling it or rebuilding it, perhaps donating it to a charitable institution could solve your problem and potentially make a big difference in the lives of others.

How Can I donate my car?

Car donation centers usually offer services that including picking up the automobile you would like to donate (free of charge for most car charity institutions), prepare the title transfer requirements, and all legal documents related to the clearing of ownership of the car.

Most charitable donation centers who accept automobiles, provide a tax-deductible donation receipt to the donor in due consideration for donated cars.

Determining Eligibility for Car Assistance

Members of the board of charitable institutions choose among the list of applicants requesting a vehicle. Together, they determine the eligibility and proof of financial incapacity among applicants to purchase automobiles.

Preference will be awarded to individuals who have clear credit standing showing inability to purchase automobile machines. The car beneficiary will undergo the same legal process of transfer requirements to legitimately take its title of ownership.

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